How to use Sky3ds, K3DS, R5sdhc, Gateway 3DS, MT, R4 card to hack your N3ds

Where to buy Sky3ds, and how to setup your 3ds flashcarts

Sky3DS - Users confirm it supports more than 10 games

As the pioneer of the Nintendo 3DS hakcing devices, sky3ds flashcart allows users to run 3ds backups directly on the latest 9.2.0-20 J/E/U n3ds console, no firmware limitation anymore, no need to use two cards. If you have a 2DS, DSi, DS console, or if you just want to play ds backups on your N3DS, you can go ahead and buy an R4i gold card directly. If you have a lower version N3DS and you want to play 3ds games, gateway 3ds and mt-card will be a good choice for you, these cards allow you to play all the 3ds games to date, but they only work on 3ds firmware beyond 4.5.If your n3ds is a brand new one and has the latest 9.2.0-20 firmware, you will need the sky3ds flashcart to play 3ds backups. As I mentioned before, you can run 3ds backups on the latest firmware n3ds console directly. However it has the 10 games max limitation at the moment, it means user can play 10 games at last with each sky3ds flashcart. Today, many users confirmed that their sky 3ds cards can run more than 10 games.

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Sky3ds or R5sdhc, which to buy for playing 3ds games?

posted on Nov 05, 2014| tags: Sky3ds K3DS R5sdhc Gateway 3DS MT R4 card hack 3ds sky 3ds card r5

3DS flashcards are cards made to play free ds or 3ds roms. Currently, there are many 3ds flashcards are available on the market, Sky3ds, K3DS, R5sdhc, Gateway 3DS, MT, Supercard dstwo and R4 card, these cards allow you to install multiple games on your micros card, and play these games for free. Some of the cards may also allows you to use its multi-media features, so you can turn your 3ds to a handy e-books reader, mp3 and video player. The r4 3ds gold wood flashcard is the first flashcard for nintendo 3ds console, users can play ds backups, snes games and homebrew apps on their n3ds, and it has multi-media support as i mentioned before. However, users can not play 3ds games. Many n3ds owners want to play 3ds games as more and more new 3ds games are released. Gateway 3ds team released the first commercial 3ds game support flashcart at this time, many players are getting the cart to be able to play 3ds games finally. Since gateway 3ds and mt-card only work on lower software n3d console

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